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Michelle Caballero - Recovery Nurse Miami

Healing For
The Body, Mind,
& Soul

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Meet Michelle Caballero

Licensed RN, AHCA Certified, & Nursing Concierge Provider in Miami

I'm Michelle, your personal Healing Corner & Co. Registered Recovery Nurse in Miami!

I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Science from West Coast University with Nursing as my major. I entered the medical field in 2007 as a medical assistant also did clerical work and medical billing prior to obtaining my BSN. Indeed, working during these years in a dermatology practice, general surgery office, and in the emergency department exposed me to a diversity of patient care settings! During my early nursing career journey, I also had the opportunity as a public health scholar to do clinical hours in Madrid, Spain. 

Michelle Caballero

What I Specialize In



Establish Post-Op Habits

Assistance with


Personalized Care plan

Full Nursing


Holding Hands

"As a Nurse, We have an opportunity to heal the Heart, Mind, Soul, and Body of our Patients, their Families, and Ourselves. They may not remember your name but they will NEVER forget the way you made them feel"   

- Maya Angelou

“I was so lucky to have stumbled upon Michelle on a surgery page last minute as my surgery sister got canceled and I didn’t want to go to an unlicensed recovery home alone. From the time I called her she was so kind & accommodating; I felt like she was literally heaven-sent. Not only is she extremely attentive to her recovering clients she is kind compassionate and loves what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone that has an upcoming surgery. Don’t settle for less when you can have the best helping you to recover!”

- Kenzie

“So I decided to finally do my BBL after much back and forth. Once my surgery date was confirmed, my nurse, Michelle, reached out to introduce herself, and throughout the 1-2 weeks before the surgery, Michelle explained what to expect, what I should be doing, and the supplements and different trinkets I should have so that I was 100% ready for the surgery. Thank you for everything! From the bottom of our hearts"

- Cindy

From the first day we spoke, I knew that I would be in great hands. Michelle was there every step of the way…from the recovery room to the follow-up visits. Never missed a beat!! From making sure I had the best meals, lymphatic massages etc. simply made my time with her refreshing. I only had to focus on my healing. I don’t usually talk to people so easily but with Michelle, I felt like we’ve known each other for ages!! I was sad when I had to leave but at peace knowing that she taught me self-care and everything I needed to know. When the time came that I was on my own, I had the knowledge and confidence to care of myself; my own healing corner.

- Kim

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