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About Michelle

I'm Michelle, your personal

Healing Corner & Co. Registered Nurse!

My Story

I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Science from West Coast University with Nursing as my major. I entered the medical field in 2007 as a medical assistant also did clerical work and medical billing prior to obtaining my BSN. Indeed, working during these years in a dermatology practice, general surgery office, and in the emergency department exposed me to a diversity of patient care settings! During my early nursing career journey, I also had the opportunity as a public health scholar to do clinical hours in Madrid, Spain. 

I pride myself in providing the utmost quality patient care with registered nurse experience in acute care settings around our country as a travel nurse in Trauma/ICU. I've also worked in Home Health. My most recent setting being in an elite Plastic Surgery Center located in Coral Gables, FL as a PreOp/PACU (post anesthesia care unit) RN!​


"I look forward to caring for you!"

I love the autonomy of being able to care for my patients in a private, safe, convenient, and comfortable environment at their home or selected place of recovery. The one-on-one attention that can be given to my patients in this setting is unmatched, while still utilizing my critical care nursing judgment and skills to recognize important signs and symptoms of any complications early on. 

I look forward to caring for you!

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