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Self Care Post Op Agenda

It’s normal to be a little nervous before surgery and to wonder how everything will work out.

Anxiety and overthinking tend to creep in but it should never overcome your feelings of excitement and happiness!

Here are a few tips to help ease and decrease feeling too anxious or overwhelmed:

💫 Creating a plan and securing your dates for surgery and post op care go hand in hand!

Not only will you be able to book the surgeon/post op care providers you can trust but you. can select your match! Planning ahead will also give you the opportunity to also budget your finances & time accordingly!

If you’re traveling from out of town it will give you more options to also find a AirBnb/ Hotel of your liking

💫Creating a checklist will make you feel confident in knowing you prepared yourself as best as you could for the things that will make you feel comfortable post op! (This is given to HC Clients by me)

💫 Give yourself time to research and call different surgical/ post op care providers! Make sure to look at credentials, certifications, licensure, get more than one opinion if you need to. Look for surgical groups for offices where you can find a community.

💫 If you have small children or pets that depend on you for care, ask family members, your partner, or friend to help coordinate pick ups, meals, and other daily activities to keep up their routine for at least 1-2 weeks depending on your procedure.

💫 Ask questions!!! This is an important step. If you need to write down some questions you can do so. Your providers should be able to answer questions to their best ability during your consultation and encourage you to do so!!!

It’s never too early to start your plan!

It’s also important to have flexibility in your plan. Please keep in mind sometimes things change that are out of our control or we are faced with challenges but focusing on finding solutions to those challenges are key 🔑

If I can be of more assistance during your healing journey please contact me! I’d love to discuss your pre/post op care needs.

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