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Post Op Nutrition

Got your surgery date?

Let’s discuss the importance of eating meals with Whole Foods after surgery!

If you’re local or not traveling alone and have access to a kitchen… I recommend my patients to find organic recipes to have a family/friend cook healthy meal plans post operatively!

If you’re traveling from out of town or staying in a hotel or simply just want to enjoy the ease of having healthy meals prepped specifically catered, and customized for you, then I recommend searching for a company that caters not just any meals, but ones that are high in protein, well balanced, and nutritious that can be conveniently delivered to you!

Uber eats or ordering take out limit the quality of foods that will help expedite your healing process and get you back on your feet sooner!

During surgery, you can expect to lose important fluids, blood, & trauma is created to our tissues. Our bodies will work overtime to heal…

Make sure you Replenish, Regenerate, & Revitalize!

Here are some tips:

💫Ask for substitutes if there is something you don’t like

💫 Be open to trying new foods

💫 Plan minimum 1-2 weeks post op but work to make a lifestyle change

💫 Mention any food allergies

As your private care RN, I won’t be the one to cook your meals but I got you covered! I’ll help facilitate this transition to healthy eating with a professional chef & ensure you’re getting everything you need to maximize your desired results!

Book a free 30 min consultation call to discuss your plan of care!

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