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Post Op Lymphatic Massages

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Why lymphatic massages?

Let’s talk about the reasons following through with aftercare post liposuction is so important.

I like to remind my patients that their health is an investment and not an expense! If you‘ve invested time, energy, emotions, and money into a cosmetic procedure then, it is beneficial to follow through with after care steps provided by your surgeon. Most importantly to remain healthy throughout the recovery stages.

So, you’ve made the decision to remove some stubborn fat via a procedure we know as liposuction. How is this performed? As your plastic surgeon will explain to you in full detail prior to your surgery date, liposuction is an invasive procedure where a cannula is inserted into the skin/tissue via a small incision and fat is suctioned using a back and forth motion into a canister.

Despite fat being undesirable to many, it does play an active role in living tissue that stores lipids and energy and contains bodily fluids such as blood and lymphatic vessels that are known to provide hormonal regulation.

The removal can cause those vessels to become damaged and cells/connective tissues to be destroyed.

This can lead to complications such as infection due to an accumulation of excess fluid buildup and also the formation of hard scar tissue known as fibrosis.

Licensed massage therapists, Physical therapists, RNs, and/or other licensed personnel specifically certified in manual lymphatic drainage use a specific technique of massaging tissue via lymph nodes that trigger this fluid buildup to flow and be removed through the lymphatic system.

It is important to understand the healing process to really appreciate and take the necessary steps from post op day 1 in order to ensure a smooth recovery!

Lymphatic Massage Benefits include:

  • Decrease risk of infection and complications by releasing fluid buildup

  • Help accelerate the release of swelling and can diminishing scarring

  • Lymphatic system plays a vital role in immune cell transport, massages can improve overall immunity and reduce risk of infection

  • Promotes flushing of toxins

  • Stimulates wound healing by improving blood circulation

  • Minimize recovery time

  • Reduce pain and provides discomfort relief

  • Slimmer appearance

It is always recommended to research and find accredited institutes, board certified surgeons, licensed personnel such as nurses and massage therapists to complete your team! By doing so, can optimize your experience and desired results!

To summarize, after care is not only crucial but a true collaboration between you and your team to achieve a safe and successful recovery!

Let’s Heal 💫

Michelle C., BSN RN

Healing Corner & Co.

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