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Early Ambulation

This is a question that is frequently asked after a procedure… “Can I walk? Will I walk out of the surgical center”?

The answer is yes.

However, depending on your procedure preformed, your surgeon will provide you with specific discharge instructions that will be followed.

You can expect to limit your physical activity and any strenuous exercises for a couple of weeks.

Light walking for just a few minutes a day usually beginning the day after surgery initially and then gradually increasing as time passes by is a great way to improve overall circulation.

Improved circulation means blood is flowing through your body and not staying still. This will decrease chances of complications such as blood clot formation in your legs (DVT) or lungs (PE).

Walking post operatively also helps expand your lungs after anesthesia and maintain adequate oxygen levels. The lung expansion that walking creates will also helps to prevent complications such as pneumonia.

Even though it seems as not moving to avoid pain is ideal, as your private care RN I’ll be sure to facilitate early ambulation and encourage you to do so!

Post surgical ambulation will actually speed up healing with the improvement of circulation and get you back into your life routine sooner!

Here are some tips:

💫Do light walking inside your home

💫 Try to stay close the bathroom

💫 Avoid walking in extreme temperatures such as too cold or too hot

💫 Wear light comfortable clothing to avoid any sweating

💫 Have someone remind me you that walking is actually good!

I look forward to being part of your healing journey!

Book a free 30 min consultation call to discuss your plan of care!

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